Teaching and Learning


The broader educational goal that Lysterfield Lake College strives to provide for each student is a general, liberal arts-based education. We aim to challenge each student to reach his full academic potential through effective classroom teaching and the development of internalised motivation and virtues. The sound habits of responsibility, scholarship and respect for truth are highly esteemed.


A consequence of the fundamental conviction on the core role of integral development is the concept of balance in the school curriculum.

An appropriate mix of subjects offered leads to the well-rounded development of each student. We educate the whole young man, not a specialist in a particular area.

The Lysterfield Lake curriculum seeks to develop two fundamental characteristics in each student: a critical mind and a universal outlook.

Critical thinking is developed through our philosophically sound curriculum and teaching that teaches students to form logical and well-reasoned opinions. Formation in the virtues of sincerity and intellectual integrity is key to developing this vital skill.

A universal outlook is primarily a consequence of broad cultural exposure and the capacity to see a common human nature at work in all forms of genuine cultural expression.

Each young man at Lysterfield Lake is held accountable for his studies and encouraged to realise that good education is significant and valuable to broader society.

Assessment and reporting at Lysterfield Lake College

At Lysterfield Lake, effective communication with parents is integral to the ethos of the College. Therefore, all parents receive the following written reports and information about the academic progress of their son in his studies:

  • A comprehensive report is sent home to parents at the end of each semester. In addition, primary students will also receive application reports in Terms I and III.
  • Parents attend the school four times each year (once per term) for interviews with their son's mentor.
  • Before the interview, the mentor will collate information about the student’s application and achievements in his studies. It is optional for class and subject teachers to attend this interview.
  • All parents attend Key Parent Functions three times each year. Class and subject teachers are present to meet with parents during these events.

In addition, when warranted, there is a wide variety of further communication from the College concerning academic performance:

  • Recognition for students who have excelled in particular areas and have demonstrated overall excellence in their semester report
  • Headmaster’s letters of student commendation each semester for those selected for Honours subjects.
  • Written notice to parents of concerns about patterns of sub-standard application.
  • Notice to parents of special needs placements each term.
  • Teachers and tutors are encouraged to contact parents to devise plans to address patterns of below standard student performance.


The Curriculum in Year 3 to 6 at Lysterfield Lake College aligns with the Victorian Board of Studies Syllabuses and covers the mandatory Essential Learning Areas. It also includes the study of Spanish and Religion and the Human Virtues Program, which further enhances student learning. The use of technology is integrated throughout the College curriculum.

Using the Spalding method – a multi-sensory, phonics-based approach to literacy – students learn to read, spell and write. The confidence that this literacy method gives students stands them in good stead in their future studies. Reading is encouraged, and students are enriched by reading carefully chosen literature. In addition, information literacy, communication skills and library studies are integrated throughout the English program.

Lysterfield Lake College’s curriculum offers many opportunities for personal expression, creativity, imagination, and the awakening of the aesthetic sense. Drama and dance are integrated into the curriculum, and visual arts and music have individual learning programs. There is extensive enrichment through choir groups and ensembles, percussion and recorder groups, and performance opportunities. Boys can learn musical instruments as part of extra-curriculum activities offered at the College.

The College uses a range of approaches and resources in conjunction with online aids. There is an emphasis on problem-solving.

Students learn about built environments, information and communication, living things, energy, space and time. Students learn to use technology responsibly and effectively. There is an emphasis on hands-on experience, designing and investigating.

Students develop their understanding of Australian history and geography and its social, cultural, economic, and political impact on the lives of Australian citizens. This study extends in later years to help students understand their place in the progress of western civilisation.

With a strong emphasis on character development and a thorough grounding in good nutrition and physical exercise, students learn what it takes to achieve a healthy and fulfilling life.

Students develop and deepen their understanding of the person and teachings of Jesus Christ and the traditions of the Catholic Church. In addition, they are taught the value of prayer and having a personal relationship with God in their daily life.


Sport and music, along with different co-curricular clubs (eg. Chess Club, Cross Country Club) are available to students at all year levels. They help to provide a well-rounded education, developing character and lifelong skills.

Sport at Lysterfield Lake

The physical, social and psychological demands inherent in sport build genuine virtues such as friendship, fortitude, endurance, optimism, cooperation and responsibility.

Sporting Code

Student Code of Sporting Conduct:

  • On and off the field, above all, charity to all.
  • I play fairly, according to the rules, and in a good spirit.
  • I grow in friendship with my teammates.
  • I am a team player.
  • I encourage my teammates and am pleased when they do well.
  • I never blame or criticise my teammates or the referee.
  • With good grace, I accept the referee's decision and the game's result. I shake hands cheerfully with the opposition.
  • I proudly wear the Lysterfield Lake sports uniform when competing for the College.
  • I give my full cooperation to all parents and adults associated with the team or competition.
  • I fulfil my responsibilities to the team of being punctual to training and on match day.
  • I keep up my best efforts until the last whistle. I never give up in a game.
  • I know how to lose gracefully and with dignity.
  • I know how to win gracefully and with humility.


The Lysterfield Lake College Music Tuition Program offers students a fantastic opportunity to enhance their musical development. Tuition is available for students of all ages and abilities, starting from beginner level.

Our professional and experienced teachers offer one-to-one tuition for the following instruments:

  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Guitar
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Year 3 - Year 7